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We Are the Compass That Navigates the Bermuda Triangle of Your Estate Plan

Legal. Financial. Taxes.

Calming the Waters

Typically, clients receive some level of service from a financial planner, CPA or lawyer. Unfortunately, for many clients, these three disciplines rarely cross-communicate. Three different entities working independently on separate components of the whole leaves the client in the lurch—lost as to how to figure it all out. Combined with ever-increasing complexities, this can leave an ocean of estate storms and delays to face in the end when it could be smooth sailing instead. Our four key ports of call work in sync to chart out the proper course: educational workshops; review of your estate; design of your plan; delivery and funding of your plan. Our service is holistic: We carefully assess. We find all the pieces and locate them properly onto the map of your estate plan. We pull the necessary, expert, dedicated resources together—avoiding any black holes for your loved ones to get lost in.

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Educational Workshops

Our workshops provide you with an excellent opportunity to fully comprehend the estate planning process. We go through the necessary elements step by step in an easy and comfortable setting. You will learn valuable information such as:

  • Understanding wills and trusts
  • Preserving generational assets
  • Heading off family squabbling
  • Avoiding probate

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Who Will Inherit The Mess?

6pm 7:30pm

location_on LENOX Community Center
6715 Minnetonka Blvd
St. Louis Park, MN 55426

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