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As part of our long history of helping families establish proper estate plans, Generations Legal Services has created a valuable project management service to help settle estates when a loved one passes. Often, we see adult children who have been named as executor or successor trustee enter into a mind-numbing process. It is time-consuming, expensive and disruptive trying to figure out each step at the very time that a parent or family member passes away.

Legal, financial and tax issues appear at every turn and the claim paperwork needed for insurance, annuity, Roth IRA, IRA and 401(k) can be daunting—not to mention potential probate issues and the complexity of real estate. With other siblings wanting and needing regular communication, the person with these duties can benefit greatly by having an experienced GLS project management team assigned to quickly build a plan and help process everything in the correct order.

When client families allow GLS to help them ensure that the tedious and confusing work gets done correctly, family members appreciate the regular updates provided along the way. At a time when mourning a loved one’s passing should be the priority, GLS makes sure the distribution to heirs happens as quickly as possible while being attentive to critical tax and legal matters. This priceless service is very attractive and affordable to the heirs who often experience strife and unnecessary delays when trying to deal with these complex issues on their own. Contact us today to see a sample project plan and to discuss how your family can benefit from this valuable offering.

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