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This important first step is where the journey of creating a water-tight estate plan begins.


Generations Legal Services hosts a variety of educational workshops throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. Our nationally recognized programs address the critical issues innate in family estate planning.

Our workshops are specifically designed to educate and help families avoid the ripple effect of poor planning. Because our group consists of Legal, Financial and Tax experts operating as one advisory team, we are able to provide a depth of education and estate planning services which are typically unavailable from other single-service providers.

We understand the complex processes and many variables involved, and after attending one of our educational events—you will too!

Here is an example of some of the critical details our workshops address:


  • What is the difference between a Will and a Trust, and which one is best for your situation?
  • Why do we need a Power of Attorney and a Health Care Directive?
  • How to avoid the time, hassle and cost of Probate
  • Can my assets be protected from potential nursing home expenses?
  • How to preserve generational wealth with important tax planning
  • Options for addressing and protecting unique family situations
  • How to prevent misunderstandings, confusion and quarrels within families
  • The secret to keeping things private and avoiding a public distribution of family assets
  • Ways of protecting my estate from those who might challenge or contest my wishes

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